Where To Go For Experiencing Authentic Dubai

Where To Go For Experiencing Authentic Dubai

Explore the Emirati lifestyle and culture at Sheikh Mohammed center

It is intriguing to know that only a bare minimum of 10 percent of Emiratis make up for the entire nation’s population. The SMCCU or Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding runs events and programs to inform its visitors from across the globe about the importance the local attire, culture, and traditions. They conduct personal question and answering sessions, explaining the importance of traditional prayers, dinners, symbols, and architectural features.

Explore the backstreets of old Dubai situated in Al Fahidi historical district

Tend to explore the outskirts and tangles of lanes of ancient architectural buildings and artistic work located in the Al Fahidi district of old Dubai. The identical sand-colored structures host numerous cafés, museums, galleries, and hotels. Moreover, much favorite spice and textile souqs are among the top attractions here. It is recommended to explore under the supervision of the SMCCU.

Soak in the artistic work of the Middle East beyond the Alserkal Avenue

The famous Alserkal Avenue is renowned for sheltering many intriguing and profound contemporary artistic work from all over the UAE and its neighboring nations. The district hosts more than just art; it harbors many artistic cafes, a museum of vintage cars and a chocolate factory.

Cross the Dubai Creek on an abra

One of the best ways to cross the Dubai Creek and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the tall skyscrapers while soaking in the architectural magnificence of the city and feeling the breeze from the sea is by traveling on an abra. An abra is a boat made out of wood, consisting of an individual bench seat and powered by a motor. Moreover, it is the cheapest mode to cross the abra and takes under five minutes.


Rummage through Dubai’s famous souqs

You can practice your bargaining skills while making exciting negotiations when exploring the intricate markets located in Deira and Bur Dubai. Everything from gold souq to textiles souq exists here accompanied by the enchanting aroma of the spice souq.

Strap in for an adventurous desert safari

No visit to Dubai is complete without getting a chance to experience the thrilling and traditional desert safari. Dubai’s desert expedition and tourism is a prime factor in its tourism. Simply ramming over the dunes at high speeds in a high powered Jeep is thrilling. Post desert safari, you can relax by smoking hookah in tents and eating a flavourful and delicious feast.