Things To Avoid Doing When In Dubai

Things To Avoid Doing When In Dubai


Crossdressing maybe fine in the West, but in an Islamic nation, it is not. Dubai being an Islamic nation at heart despite its global exposure, homosexuality is seen to be hostile towards the conservative Islamic country. If you do dress up as the opposite sex, you can expect hefty fines along with unbearable prison charges.


Adding to the previous point, Dubai being a conservative Islamic nation, cohabitation or having casual consented sex without the confirmation of legal marriage is seen hostile by authorities and people of the land. The city condemns any sort of cohabitation without proof of legal marriage binding, meaning you can either end up in jail, eligible for deportation and payment of a hefty fine.

Public drinking

Although Dubai has no issues with drinking, it has strict norms on when and where to drink. The city condemns acts of public alcohol drinking or even acting drunk in public can attract unwanted attention from the authorities and fine you or imprison you.

Carrying drugs

Any incidence relating to drugs or drug smuggling within the city is not taken lightly. Carrying any sort of drug regardless of amount will guarantee a prison sentence, and if it is in large quantities, the nation will implement the death penalty.



Avoid carrying any traces of pork meat, and it is better to stay away from pork while you stay in a nation that strictly prohibits and punishes those who consume pork.

Public display of affection

As stated previously, Dubai, despite its advancements, is a conservative Muslim nation at heart and condemns all actions of public affection such as kissing or hugging. Married couples are exempted as they are allowed to hold hands publicly. Displaying public affection can get you punished or imprisoned.

Calling out bad words

Calling out loud provocative words and obscene terms can get you punished as the authorities condemn such undesirable action.

Dancing in public

Yes, dancing in public in Dubai is a punishable act as well. According to the conservative authorities, dancing in public is seen as provocative and is punishable by fine and even prison sentences. In Dubai, you are permitted to dance in only approved nightclubs or within the walls of your home.

Using the left hand

According to Arabic culture, the left hand is used to clean him or her after availing the bathroom facilities. Hence, accepting anything with the left hand or eating with the left hand especially if you are a left-handed person is going to be difficult and can lure unwanted attention and stares.