Dubai’s Best Emirati Eats

Dubai’s Best Emirati Eats

Contemporary cooking available at Aseelah

The Emirati restaurant, Aseelah located at the famous Radisson Blu hotel in the city’s Deira creek has a rather modern take on traditional Emirati delicacies. The rather innovative and ambient hotel serves intriguing delicacies such as tempting camel sliders and chicken roulade filled with dates, accompanied by alcoholic beverages.

Al Fanar’s authentic flavors

Al Fanar’s design as an old courtyard home, the restaurant is beaming with retro décor and located at the festival city mall, the restaurant is famous for its delicious traditional cuisines. Often, first-timers to the restaurant are recommended to try their renowned chicken machboos and naghar mashwi, the latter being seafood.

Al Tawasol’s home-style cooking

The city’s regulars have been rushing to this hotel since 1999 for a taste of their home cooked dishes. Located at Deira, the hotel is categorized for its majilis style seating. Al Tawasol is famous for its lamb machboos, saloona and mandi

Camel milk treats available at the Majilis

Majilis located inside Dubai mall is famous for its confectionaries and wide array of desserts made using camel milk as the prime ingredient. On the contrary to typical misconceptions of camel milk, camel milk has a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals while sustaining lower fat levels. The top choices at the Majilis are the camelccino and pistachio glazed éclair.


The trendy and traditional combination at Seven Sands

Facing a beautiful view over the beach at JBR, Seven Sands offers some intricate twist of conventional delicacies and are bound to take your taste buds on a ride. Innovative and delicious dishes such as the crisp kibbeh, sambousas, velvet hummus are few of the must try at the restaurant.

Creative dishes of Logma

Logma is somewhat an in-style, modern and original restaurant with a tad of artistic feel attached to it. The hip eatery is designed using recycled items and adds a rather casual contemporary atmosphere. The hotel sees peak crowds during lunchtime for their lovely soft bread khammer stuffed with chicken and layered in cream cheese and date syrup.

Casual bites available at the Milas

The Emirati cuisine themed eatery inside the Dubai mall offers tremendous dishes such as Arabic spiced infused coffee, khameer, dangaw and their special signature dish, the mbahar deyay. The eatery has a rather dim light ambiance to it and enables you to place your orders via the I-pad provided.