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Ski Dubai

One of the best indoor resorts in Dubai that attract thousands of people from all over the world.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Have the best time of your lives and enjoy the awesomeness of the amazing water parks.

Palm Jumeirah

The palm tree-shaped wonder is one of the most amazing things that man has created in this world. Just the view is enough to blow your mind away.

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  • Contemporary cooking available at Aseelah

    The Emirati restaurant, Aseelah located at the famous Radisson Blu hotel in the city's Deira creek has a rather modern take on traditional Emirati delicacies. The rather innovative and ambient hotel serves intriguing delicacies such as tempting camel sliders and chicken roulade filled with dates, accompanied by alcoholic beverages.

    Al Fanar's authentic flavors

    Al Fanar's design as an old courtyard home, the restaurant is beaming with retro décor and located at the festival city mall, the restaurant is famous for its delicious traditional cuisines. Often, first-timers to the restaurant are recommended to try their renowned chicken machboos and naghar mashwi, the latter being seafood.

    Al Tawasol's home-style cooking

    The city's regulars have been rushing to this hotel since 1999 for a taste of their home cooked dishes. Located at Deira, the hotel is categorized for its majilis style seating. Al Tawasol is famous for its lamb machboos, saloona and mandi

    Camel milk treats available at the Majilis

    Majilis located inside Dubai mall is famous for its confectionaries and wide array of desserts made using camel milk as the prime ingredient. On the contrary to typical misconceptions of camel milk, camel milk has a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals while sustaining lower fat levels. The top choices at the Majilis are the camelccino and pistachio glazed éclair.


    The trendy and traditional combination at Seven Sands

    Facing a beautiful view over the beach at JBR, Seven Sands offers some intricate twist of conventional delicacies and are bound to take your taste buds on a ride. Innovative and delicious dishes such as the crisp kibbeh, sambousas, velvet hummus are few of the must try at the restaurant.

    Creative dishes of Logma

    Logma is somewhat an in-style, modern and original restaurant with a tad of artistic feel attached to it. The hip eatery is designed using recycled items and adds a rather casual contemporary atmosphere. The hotel sees peak crowds during lunchtime for their lovely soft bread khammer stuffed with chicken and layered in cream cheese and date syrup.

    Casual bites available at the Milas

    The Emirati cuisine themed eatery inside the Dubai mall offers tremendous dishes such as Arabic spiced infused coffee, khameer, dangaw and their special signature dish, the mbahar deyay. The eatery has a rather dim light ambiance to it and enables you to place your orders via the I-pad provided.

  • White Dubai

    White Dubai has been a global name for being one of the best nightclubs which offer raves and parties in the open air of a terrace under the stars. Often recommended as the top club to go to in downtown Dubai, White Dubai has seen numerous social celebrities and international DJs playing.

    Lock, Stock, and Barrel


    Although quite a mouthful to pronounce, the bar is one of the best clubs to visit in the marina and palm Jumeirah region. The recently opened club is set over an industrial structure, making this two-floor structure to be "the" party spot.

    Irish village

    The Irish village since 1996 has been one of the favorite bars to visit on the Deira region. The bar is distinct and desirable due to its Irish theme and strong, pure imported Irish beverages.

    Cirque Le Soir

    Described hands down as one of the craziest and most happening nightclubs in downtown Dubai, Cirque Le Soir is a combination of crazy parties and an ecstatic crowd, making it one of the most desirable after dark clubs.

    Bridgewater Tavern

    Located on an industrial space, the Bridgewater Tavern is one of the most attractive and if not the best sports bar located in downtown.

    Bahri bar

    Located on the Jumeirah beach, the elegant and stylish bar revolving around a Middle Eastern décor provides you a beautiful and lovely view of the beach, water and the lights of the Burj Al Arab as you sip on your alcoholic beverage of choice.


    A top choice to visit in Deira, QDs is more of a comfortable and relaxing outdoor lounge by the creek and tends to ease your mind and body as you sip on a cold cocktail. During summertime, the open air lounge is transformed into an air-conditioned tent.

    Tap house


    Moreover a gastropub, the tap house is a favorite among the after-work crowd and offers various beers from the world in taps, enabling you to drink till lavishly.

    Skyview bar

    True to its name, the Skyview bar located inside the Burj Al Arab offers a mesmerizing view of the city's skyline while you sip on flamboyant drinks at ridiculous prices.

  • Aquaventure Waterpark

    Children of all ages will find this park to be the highlight of their visit to Dubai. The waterpark is filled with great rides that range from pure joy to downright terrifying rides. It is imperative to work your way up the rides in the waterpark, and bear in mind that not all rides are suitable for very young kids and are intended for slightly older kids. Families can experience the rides together at either the lazy river or river ride.

    IMG worlds of adventure

    The world famous IMG worlds of adventure are only the largest indoor theme park existing in the world. The park is spread over a vast area, equivalent to the size of 28 football fields. And in this extensive area, the park has four distinct theme zones such as the lost world, a prehistoric and dinosaur-themed zone accompanied by animatronics, the IMG Boulevard, an interactive cartoon network zone for the littlest ones and a Marvel zone. Recently, IMG has released a massive 12 screen cinema multiplex with claims of providing seven-star hotel comforts.

    Green planet

    Taking a guided tour in the green planet is not only educative but quite simply fun for both adults and children alike. The biodome is filled with over a whopping 3000 various species of rare plants and animals. Only in Dubai, can you see an entire artificial ecosystem exist within the burning heat of the Arabian Peninsula. Extraordinary wildlife such as reptiles, apes, birds, etc. exist here surrounded by over 20m tall plants.

    Bollywood parks Dubai

    If you wish to step into the world of Bollywood, then this is the place for you and your family. The famous Bollywood parks situated in Dubai consists of five distinct zones revolving around the various aspects of Mumbai cinema industry. The park offers beautiful stunt shows, 3D and 4D rides, live performances of your favorite Bollywood songs, and moreover a chance to experience dance and song on stage.

    Dubai Mall


    Hands down, the largest shopping center in the whole planet, Dubai mall harbors over 1200 outlets of a nearly infinite number of brands, an entire ice rink, and a massive marine aquarium. Dubai mall keeps everyone entertained while shopping, even those who despise stepping foot in malls. The wide selection of toy stores, mainly Hamleys is a particular favorite among the kinds.

    Ski Dubai

    Indicative of its name, ski Dubai enables its customers a chance to experience skiing in the -4 degrees snow covered indoor environment. The park contains small and easy slopes to high and exciting slopes over 400m

  • Crossdressing

    Crossdressing maybe fine in the West, but in an Islamic nation, it is not. Dubai being an Islamic nation at heart despite its global exposure, homosexuality is seen to be hostile towards the conservative Islamic country. If you do dress up as the opposite sex, you can expect hefty fines along with unbearable prison charges.


    Adding to the previous point, Dubai being a conservative Islamic nation, cohabitation or having casual consented sex without the confirmation of legal marriage is seen hostile by authorities and people of the land. The city condemns any sort of cohabitation without proof of legal marriage binding, meaning you can either end up in jail, eligible for deportation and payment of a hefty fine.

    Public drinking

    Although Dubai has no issues with drinking, it has strict norms on when and where to drink. The city condemns acts of public alcohol drinking or even acting drunk in public can attract unwanted attention from the authorities and fine you or imprison you.

    Carrying drugs

    Any incidence relating to drugs or drug smuggling within the city is not taken lightly. Carrying any sort of drug regardless of amount will guarantee a prison sentence, and if it is in large quantities, the nation will implement the death penalty.



    Avoid carrying any traces of pork meat, and it is better to stay away from pork while you stay in a nation that strictly prohibits and punishes those who consume pork.

    Public display of affection

    As stated previously, Dubai, despite its advancements, is a conservative Muslim nation at heart and condemns all actions of public affection such as kissing or hugging. Married couples are exempted as they are allowed to hold hands publicly. Displaying public affection can get you punished or imprisoned.

    Calling out bad words

    Calling out loud provocative words and obscene terms can get you punished as the authorities condemn such undesirable action.

    Dancing in public

    Yes, dancing in public in Dubai is a punishable act as well. According to the conservative authorities, dancing in public is seen as provocative and is punishable by fine and even prison sentences. In Dubai, you are permitted to dance in only approved nightclubs or within the walls of your home.

    Using the left hand

    According to Arabic culture, the left hand is used to clean him or her after availing the bathroom facilities. Hence, accepting anything with the left hand or eating with the left hand especially if you are a left-handed person is going to be difficult and can lure unwanted attention and stares.

  • Dubai is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations across the globe. The Arabic nation is known for its many accolades such as having the tallest tower in the world, to sheltering the busiest airport in the planet. Here are a few things you should know prior to your visit to Dubai.

    You don't have to be rich to visit

    Often lured by the misconception due to its claim of being one of the most expensive cities in the world, you can enjoy your stay in Dubai under a budget as well. Dubai can treat both the millennials and millionaires with pleasure and fun. The city is subject to plenty of discounts and price as the 2020 expo is near and will include minimal expenses of prestigious hotels, metro, transportation, and food.


    Culture exists

    Beyond the superficial glam and bling of Dubai, lies a nation depicting great Emirati art, culture, and heritage. To look deeper into its sources, you can visit the Dubai museum or Etihad museum. If you have an artistic sleeping in you, do not forget to visit the contemporary art present at Alserkal Avenue.

    Dubai is not a dry nation

    Despite common misconceptions about an Islamic nation, Dubai is not a dry nation due to its global exposure and tourism. Dubai has some of the best bars and clubs in the world, and the legal age to drink here is 21 and over.

    Dubai is a favorite among foodies

    Due to its mix of various cultures and global exposure, Dubai has aced the food section as you can taste numerous delicacies from different continental cuisines at either top-notch restaurants or on budget eateries.

    No strict clothing rules

    Since Dubai promotes a metropolitan and cosmopolitan population, there are no strict policies to follow traditional Islamic attire. For example, there is no need to cover your shoulders or hands or legs when wearing comfort dress like short or t-shirts. You can even wear swimwear such as bikinis by the pool and beach. However, that being said you are expected to respect appropriate culture by dress accordingly around malls, mosques, and souqs

    Dubai is future driven

    Dubai has reached the level today; it is due to its exploitation of black gold or oil. Since then it has expanded in finance, trade, transport, and tourism. In addition to that, Dubai has been focusing on future technology such as issuing driverless taxis, drone taxis, and even artificial 3D organ printing. The latest addition to their advancements is focusing on Hyperloop technology.

    Plenty of adventure

    Dubai hosts plenty of fun-filled theme parks, making it favorable for families. Dubai shelters the largest indoor theme park in the world, the IMG world of adventure.

    One of the safest cities in the world

    A recent report confirmed and claimed that Dubai is the second safest nation in the world. It is true since street crime is very low as the country is safe even after dark in terms of walking and transporting alone. Here, risks are more for accidents and reckless driving.

    The weekend is Friday and Saturday

    In Arabic nations such as Dubai, the weekend is on Friday and Saturday considering Friday being important for Muslim congressional prayers.

  • Explore the Emirati lifestyle and culture at Sheikh Mohammed center

    It is intriguing to know that only a bare minimum of 10 percent of Emiratis make up for the entire nation's population. The SMCCU or Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding runs events and programs to inform its visitors from across the globe about the importance the local attire, culture, and traditions. They conduct personal question and answering sessions, explaining the importance of traditional prayers, dinners, symbols, and architectural features.

    Explore the backstreets of old Dubai situated in Al Fahidi historical district

    Tend to explore the outskirts and tangles of lanes of ancient architectural buildings and artistic work located in the Al Fahidi district of old Dubai. The identical sand-colored structures host numerous cafés, museums, galleries, and hotels. Moreover, much favorite spice and textile souqs are among the top attractions here. It is recommended to explore under the supervision of the SMCCU.

    Soak in the artistic work of the Middle East beyond the Alserkal Avenue

    The famous Alserkal Avenue is renowned for sheltering many intriguing and profound contemporary artistic work from all over the UAE and its neighboring nations. The district hosts more than just art; it harbors many artistic cafes, a museum of vintage cars and a chocolate factory.

    Cross the Dubai Creek on an abra

    One of the best ways to cross the Dubai Creek and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the tall skyscrapers while soaking in the architectural magnificence of the city and feeling the breeze from the sea is by traveling on an abra. An abra is a boat made out of wood, consisting of an individual bench seat and powered by a motor. Moreover, it is the cheapest mode to cross the abra and takes under five minutes.


    Rummage through Dubai's famous souqs

    You can practice your bargaining skills while making exciting negotiations when exploring the intricate markets located in Deira and Bur Dubai. Everything from gold souq to textiles souq exists here accompanied by the enchanting aroma of the spice souq.

    Strap in for an adventurous desert safari

    No visit to Dubai is complete without getting a chance to experience the thrilling and traditional desert safari. Dubai's desert expedition and tourism is a prime factor in its tourism. Simply ramming over the dunes at high speeds in a high powered Jeep is thrilling. Post desert safari, you can relax by smoking hookah in tents and eating a flavourful and delicious feast.







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Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is a country that is filled with riches and houses a lot of tourist attractions. The tourist attraction can really exceed your expectations and can treat your eyes in an amazing way.

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